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Hombre Golf Club Opens Callaway Certified Fitting Center

The Hombre Golf Club had it's official grand opening of it's Callaway Certified Fitting Center in Panama City Beach.

The center is one of very few in the southeast region of the country, and the only one in the panhandle, allowing pros to do full service custom fittings, personal lessons, and clinics.

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With all of the new equipment at the Performance Center. Hombre is able to better cater to its golfers; now the process of perfecting each one's shot is much easier.

They are also able to properly fit all of golfers clubs to their personal specifications based on club hits speeds, different shafts, lengths and lie angles.

All golfers do is set up their ball and take a swing. Then, The About Now Golf Simulator allows the pros to analyze club head speed, ball speed, swing speed, and more.

"It's a great opportunity for golfers to see something that normally only tour players get to see. That's a great thing for us to offer as the Hombre. You can come out here and truly get fit for all your clubs," said Hank Castleberry.